What we do..

FaketheReferer.com is an TDS “Traffic Distribution System” & Traffic Redirection System. 

An invaluable tool in the hands of experienced internet marketers or SEO specialists. A TDS won’t generate new traffic for you. Instead, it allows you to control and rule the traffic by redirecting visitors to the pages where they will convert better & best of all Hide the traffics original location so it cannot be sourced by analytics. 

FaketheReferer.com will also allow you to gather statistics on your traffic and cloak the referrer, so protecting your traffic sources.

What can we do for you..

  • Change your traffic’s source & supply your affiliate links a higher authority referrer like Google Search, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter, Blogger or a Custom referrer of your own websites.

  • Any referrer can be setup if you have control of the landing pages. Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and any other referrer you want to set.

  • Convert your repeated / non-unique visitors into unique ones by redirecting them to different affiliate/CPC or other network links each time.

  • Separate your mixed traffic by country & send visitors from different countries & regions to different sites.

  • Separate your traffic by mobile/PC, OS, browser, IP ranges & useragents.

  • Target ads by visitor’s country &/or IP

  • Block Proxy & Bot Traffic from reaching your landing pages

  • Easy way to control your affiliate links, especially when you have many traffic-generation sites. Switch your sponsors on your whim.

  • Sell your traffic. Control the volume of traffic sent to each target url. Hourly, Daily & Total hits.